Protest against ‘PK’ turns violent, theatres in Gujarat vandalized

<PK>Bajrang Dal activists vandalized the cinema halls in Gujarat this morning. There were violent protests in Ahmedabad and some other cities of the state. Theatres were attacked in other places also- Bhopal in MP and Mau and Agra in UP.

Jwalit Mehta, the Bajrang Dal chief of Ahmedabad, had warned the theatre owners yesterday. Jwalit stated that, “They, however, ignored our warning. Since they underestimated us and ignored our warning, we went to these theatres today to show them what we can do. I want to warn them that if they don't stop the screening, we will not hesitate to take extreme steps in coming days.” Jwalit Mehta criticized the movie, and claimed that only Hindu Gods has been insulted because the lead actor Aamir was a Muslim, “If his (Aamir Khan’s) intention was right, they why the movie didn’t show anything about his own religion Islam? Why only Hindu gods are depicted in bad light?” While Aamir Khan also spoke against the accusations, “Even Raju is Hindu, so is Vinod and so is Abhijat. In fact 99 per cent of the crew was Hindu. No one would have done such a thing. We respect all religions. All my Hindu friends have seen the film and they have not felt the same.”

The activists attacked Shiv Theatre and City Gold Multiplex in Ahmedabad, tearing the posters of ‘PK’ and breaking the ticket windows.  Jwalit Mehta was quick to take the responsibility of the furious attack and even warned the cinema halls to stop the screening, “Around 15 to 20 of our members today went to these theatres, which are screening Aamir’s movie PK. I am warning other theatres to stop the screening, otherwise, we will intensify our protest in the city in coming days.”

Virendra Singh Yadav, the Dy Commissioner of Police reported that the police are investigating the case by collecting CCTV footage, “We are yet to identify the persons behind these attacks, which took place at around 10 am. We learned that the miscreants vandalized the ticket windows of both these theatres. We are now collecting CCTV footages to identify the persons. Theatre owners are in the process of lodging a case against the unidentified vandals.” The police had arrived after the attackers had left the place. 

Jyoti Talkies in Bhopal saw protests too, but there was no violence. While in Surendranagar too no significant violence was reported. In Surendranagar the protesters gathered in front of Milan Cinema and set fire to the posters of ‘PK’. It seems that the sentiments of all the religions should have been kept in mind while making a film as sensitive as ‘PK’.