Producer Aditya ensures that Rani spends Durga Puja with her family

Producer Aditya Chopra definitely knows how to take care of his actors or perhaps in this case of those actors whom he shares a special relationship with; Aditya and Rani have been linked together . Rani is currently in the US shooting for Yash Chopra film ‘Tara Rum Pum’ along with co-star Saif Ali Khan. However Rani being a devout Durga Ma devotee wanted to spend the Durga Ma Puja with her family and loved ones back home in Mumbai. In spite of hectic shooting schedules with the cast and crew of the film, producer Adi ensured that Rani spent the last day of the Durga Ma Puja with her family in Mumbai.
In fact when Rani expressed her desire to spend the Puja with her family, Adi went out of his way to adjust the shooting schedule such that Rani would be able to take a day off from hectic shooting and fly into Mumbai just for the Puja with her family. Rani decided that she would give her family a surprise, so without informing them she just landed at the Puja venue directly from the airport. No doubt her family and friends were thrilled that the actress could make it for the Puja. And though it was pouring outside this in no way deterred Rani’s spirit of attending the ceremony.

In fact Rani also invited Bipasha Basu and John Abraham for the immersion which was held in the evening. Rani attended the prayer gathering, ate the traditional bhog (Prasad) and was seen playing with her little niece. She basically just chilled and relaxed in the company of her family and friends. Rani had to fly back to the States the very next day to resume shooting with the rest of the cast.

Rani and Saif are currently shooting for ‘Tara Rum Pum’ directed by Siddharth Anand but according to sources the two are giving each other cold vibes on the sets. In fact it is said that the normally friendly Rani just does her work and goes her own way while Saif too does the same. However Saif has denied any rumours of a tiff with Rani claiming that everything is perfectly fine and cordial between them.