Priyanka's cousin Meerra Chopra enters Bollywood

The Bollywood diva, Priyanka Chopra’s cousin sister Meerra Chopra is all set to set her beautiful foot in Bollywood with her maiden film ‘Gang of Ghosts’. However, her going in Bollywood was not at all smooth. Meerra signed up for Vikram Bhatt’s 3rd installment of the movie 1920. As her schedule was packed up she had to decline the role in Satish Kaushik’s film ‘Gang of Ghosts’. But, unfortunately the shooting of Vikram’s movie got postponed for couple of months and that gave Meerra the chance to sign up for Satish’s film. As luck would have it, now ‘Gang of Ghosts’ is going to be her first film to get released.

Speaking about the turn of events, Meerra tells, “I had met Satishji just a few days after I signed 1920. The film was to start on May 1 and Satishji was starting his project as well around the same time. However just a couple of days later, I got a call from Vikram’s office informing me that the film has been pushed back. I then called Satishji, we met and everything fell into place.”

A candid Meerra spoke about her cine star cousin, “Priyanka and I belong to the same family but we are not really close. I am very proud of what she had done in her career without having a godfather. She deserves all the success that she due to her hard work. It took me a year to get these two films and although there was a long struggle and there were frustrations, I am glad that I have these two films. I know that comparisons will be inevitable when my film releases. I have realised that until and unless you are good enough, the fact that you are a brother or sister or son of anyone doesn’t matter.”

She was also questioned about the long time she took to debut in Bollywood. Replying to the query Meerra said, “I have been looking for the right film for over a year now. However I have been regularly working in the South with my Telugu film releasing this Friday and one in June. I was confident that the moment I would land in Mumbai, I would sign multiple films. However, reality stuck me when I reached the city. After about a year, 1920 happened which is a career-defining role for me and I am thankful to Vikram for believing in me. I am so happy that I have two different films, which are distinct from each other.”