Priyanka Chopra to sing for Bollywood movies

Top actress Priyanka Chopra launched her singing career with her debut album “In My City” in collaboration with the American rapper producer and has just finished recording her second single “Exotic” with rapper Pitbull. It is due to be released in a few months.

Speculation is rife that with the successful launch of her singing career, Priyanka will be seen as playback singer in her upcoming releases “Gunday” and “Krrish 3”. However, Priyanka denies any such plans at the moment. Asked whether she is singing playback in any of her Bollywood projects at present, she replied “No, not as of now, because I have a contract with my label (Universal). But at some point, you never know. I probably will.”

In the meantime, there has been no shortage of offers. "Vishal Shekhar and Salim-Sulaiman had asked me to sing but I was shy. Playback singing should happen soon. I am just waiting for my album to come out." The actress has just finished shooting for her latest film – a remake of ‘Zanjeer’.

The talent of the leggy lass has been well recognized in the Indian cinema. In fact, Anurag Basu who directed her latest film ‘Barfi’ is hoping that she gets an award at the TOIFA but Priyanka is not concerned with awards and trophies. “Jhilmil was a very special role for me. I just met a lady and she was crying. She has an autistic child and was really touched by my performance. It is gratifying as an actor" said Priyanka.

Asked about her music, the actress said, "Music is part of my life. My dad has been my biggest influence with music."  Regarding the launch of her new album, she said, "My parents got emotional when they heard the song. It was my father's dream and he has come all dressed up and looking dapper today. My father is an incredible singer. I am happy my family, friends and everyone are here." 

Live performances are also not ruled out totally, though they are some way off in the future. The actress said "Live shows... not at all. I am not prepared for it. I love performing but when I reach that level I will do live performances. This is just the beginning."

Priyanka is currently working on her role in the biopic of boxer Mary Kom. “It is a very challenging role”, she said. Shooting is scheduled to start in June.