Priyanka to play 7 brides to 7 men

After playing 12 characters in Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘What’s Your Rashee’?, Priyanka Chopra has been signed to play seven brides to seven husbands in Vishal Bhradwaj’s next flick titled, ‘7 Husbands’.

A source reveals, "Vishal was very impressed with Priyanka's work in Kaminay. While scripting for 7 Husbands, he had already made up his mind to cast the actress in his next film. Vishal had seen the rushes and promos of What's Your Raashee? and was convinced he had made the right choice."

The source continues, "In 7 Husbands, Priyanka will have different get-ups for each wife. The actors who will play the husbands haven't been finalised yet. Serious actors (who may or may not be A-Listers) may be considered."

"The movie is still in the scripting process. It will go on floors next year after Priyanka's dates are available and the seven actors are finalised," adds the source.