Priyanka teams up with ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant

Priyanka Chopra’s ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant who has been away from action for a long time is back to showbiz again. Aseem is reportedly making a film on Priyanka Chopra whom he had known from her early days of modelling. The duo dated for two years. Aseem is keen to make a film on Priyanka’s early life and her journey to stardom.

Aseem Merchant’s debut production will mainly highly Priyanka's ex-manager Prakash Jaju and his publicized break-up with the actress. The film will depict how Jaju cheated on the actress and was jailed for 67 days in 2008.

According to Aseem, his movie is a "biopic of Priyanka's ex-manager Prakash Jaju", and thus will also show Priyanka Chopra’s heydays as a Bollywood actress.

While talking to a tabloid, Aseem says, “The film will depict everybody who interacted with Jaju while he was working with Priyanka.” Aseem holds Priyankin high esteem and he would not sensationalize the event.

Now Aseem is in the process of finalizing a director for his film. The film will start from Priyanka’s early life in Bollywood, her rise and will end with Jaju’s imprisonment.

When Aseem was asked if this move to make a film on Jaju would upset the actress, Aseem said, “My association with Priyanka is long over. I have started a company to make films. My second film may upset someone else.”

Jaju was Priyanka’s manager at one point of time. He claimed that the actress owed him a huge amount of money and refused to pay and situation turned worse when he interfered on Priyanka’s personal life. Following which Priyanka’s father (late) DR. Ashok Chopra filed police complaint against Prakash Jaju. DR. Chopra claimed that all the allegations made by Jaju is baseless. Jaju then went hiding and was arrested by Madhya Pradesh police.