Priyanka, Sreesanth's soapy tale

Priyanka Chopra and SreesanthWhen the news of Priyanka-Sreesanth’s new love story is doing round the corner, both of them surprised the mass by appearing in the Lux promotional campaign together and they even amazed all when they revealed the fact that the entire picture has been planned to promote Lux.

The news of Priyanka’s linking up with fast bowler Sreesanth was flashed in various channels as breaking news. The news was highly searched on net by the cine-goers and the cricket lovers. The truth is that it is nothing more than a promotional strategy adopted by the Lux Company. The entire drama is pre-planned for promoting their soap. They astonished everyone when Priyanka while dancing with Sree and television actor Aamir Ali declares that how a soap has made her so tempting.

“This was pre-planned. Since Sree, Aamir and I know each other so well, we thought Lux’s innovative idea of promotion would be fun” said Priyanka. She justified Lux’s publicity stunt by saying, “The concept was catchy besides it feels good to have two men fighting for you! I don’t think this concept was cheap or even misleading! We as celebrities laugh off so many things written about us by the media which are not true. I am sure the people will take this ad in the right spirit and laugh it off too!” Everytime media sales news made out of the celebrities and this time they had used media as an effective tool to get their work done.