Priyanka, Shahid’s relationship on the rock!

Shahid Kapur who is hitting the headlines for his most publicized relationship with Priyanka Chopra is making news again for his break-up. It is known that he had a fall out with Piggy Chops due to her extrovert and party nature. He used to induce his principles on Priyanka which she doesn’t like at all. Therefore Shahid overprotective nature is assumed to have created hole in their relationship.

Shahid’s birthday party marked the beginning of their tussle where Priyanka Chopra was totally absorbed in her vodka despite Shahid’s objection. Shahid, a staunch follower of Radhasoami is not in the favor of drinking and partying.

It is even said that Shahid’s forceful act on Priyanka to follow vegetarian and perform yoga is the cause of Priyanka’s ill health.

Whatever, the duo is trying hard to keep their differences under wrap as their much awaited flick ‘Kaminay’ is about to hit the theatre. Post the release of the film the actual picture of their relationship will be known. Now they are trying to stick together.