Priyanka’s personal problems reflected in her poor performance in Krrish

Every film has its pros and cons and even while the film Krrish.html> Krrish has been appreciated by people, critics have given the film an average score. Nonetheless both the masses and critics have certainly lauded Hrithik Roshan’s performance in the film. Unfortunately while her co-star is receiving good reviews, actress Priyanka Chopra is receiving quite a bit of flak for her performance in the film. Not only is the actress receiving poor reviews for her performance but she is also being criticized heavily for her look which was below average as compared to all her other films.
Priyanka was first appreciated for her performance in the film Aitraaz, where even though she had a negative role and was working opposite established actors like Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor she managed to captivate the audiences with a superb performance. Well Priyanka too admits that she may not have been up to the mark in her performance in Krrish, but however she claims that this was due to many personal reasons. Priyanka says “I really went through some terrible times during the shooting of Krrish. My dad fell ill so it was a very trying time for me. It’s not that I am trying to blame my personal circumstance for my bad clothes and bad make-up in the film.”

However Priyanka is very happy with the success of the film Krrish and she also defends her lackluster performance by claiming that any co-star who works opposite such a talented actor as Hrithik Roshan has to put in much more effort to match up to him. Nonetheless the pretty actress takes full responsibility for her performance in the film and says “It was my fault. If I seem lackadaisical in the film, I take full responsibility for it. I know now that I can’t take anything for granted.” The recent feud where Priyanka Chopra was threatened by her ex-secretary has also had an adverse effect on the actress.

Priyanka’s hopes are now firmly pinned on her next films, Aap Ki Khatir with Akshay Khanna and Salaam-e-Ishq. While Priyanka is moving on with her other films, the Roshans are still basking in the super success of their film Krrish. The film has already made a phenomenal Rs 69 crores during the very first week of its release. Even though Priyanka Chopra’s performance and look is being severely criticized, director Rakesh Roshan defends the actress by saying “There is no doubt that Hrithik got maximum attention because he is the main protagonist but that does not mean that I have ignored Priyanka in the film. I think she is looking pretty and I don’t see any problem with whatever she is wearing.”