Priyanka’s excited about singing, living on her own and film Drona

Priyanka Chopra recently signed a three film deal with UTV Motion Pictures. The prestigious deal will give Priyanka the benefit of being part of the creative processes involved in the film, like the scripting, genre of film, creative inputs etc. The deal will be over a period of four years and Priyanka is extremely excited about the prospect of being involved in the creative workings of a film. Priyanka says “My contract with UTV is very exciting as I sit on the film from its very conception, then we get people on board to write the script and that’s what excited me the most about the deal.”
Priyanka feels that Hindi cinema has evolved a lot and today an advantage for the actor is that they get to see bound scripts, so they have some idea of not only their character but also the film. Priyanka says “Hindi cinema has evolved a lot. I don’t think one could get a bound script three years ago, but now every film has one. So you know exactly what you are going to do.” Priyanka loves all her films and is proud of them; she says “I actually have not regretted any film that I have done. Nothing has been so bad that I wished I had never done it. Films have flopped or done well, but that is part of every actor’s life.” Priyanka feels that her goal right now would be first to get box-office acclaim, then later critical acclaim and finally she wants to achieve a balance between the two. Priyanka says “My first film Andaaz is really special to me. It was also my first success, Aitraaz was also a turning point in my career and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi was my first solo hit, after that there were also hits like Don and Krrish.”

Priyanka though admits that she did not get to enjoy the super success of Krrish as she says “it’s great but a lot of joy was taken away from the fact that I got a lot of flak for the way I looked in the film. It was a tough period and I don’t want to blame anything, but I guess it just happened.” Priyanka has done several action films like Don and Krrish and now she will also be seen in Drona another action packed film. Priyanka is excited that she will be playing an unconventional role of a bodyguard to Abhishek in the film. She says “It’s different and that is what is exciting about it. In the film Abhishek plays a character in which he does not know that he has the potential to be a superhero and I am brought up ever since childhood to protect him. I have to constantly save his life.” For all the action in the film Priyanka even learnt ‘Gatka’ which she says “is a Sikh form of martial arts which is fought with swords.” Priyanka also shares some secrets like the time when she was in Class 10 and got into a fight with a girl and actually broke her nose. However Priyanka being the sweet girl that she is landed up at the hospital with flowers to visit the girl the next day.

Priyanka loves the rains in Mumbai and loves to go for long drives and get wet in the monsoons. She finds the rains extremely romantic. Priyanka also admits that she would love to do the sequels to both Don and Krrish. Priyanka also feels that Mallika Sherawat is very gutsy as she says and does as she pleases and she admires her for this reason. Priyanka admits that she is extremely fond of Shahrukh as a person and co-star. Meanwhile according to sources Priyanka’s dad is all set to cut a music album and supposedly Priyanka who is known to be a good singer will croon a few songs on the album. She will also supposedly be singing a duet with her dad and will also feature in a music video for the album. Apart from her movies Love Story 2050 and Drona, Priyanka is also very excited about moving into her own independent flat without her parents. However her parents will also have another flat in the same building. Priyanka’s dad confirms this saying “Yes, we are shifting into two separate houses. Priyanka is a grown-up girl now and I believe that privacy is important for everyone and I choose to give her that.” Hrithik Roshan’s wife will be doing up the interiors of Priyanka’s flat and Priyanka too is involved in planning all the details. Well between her films and moving into her new flat, Priyanka seems to one busy gal.