Priyanka’s 9 flats, Kat’s 6 cr unaccounted wealth exposes

I-T department raided Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif’s house and offices and discovered some unreported properties in both the actresses’ house. Investigation reveals that Priyanka Chopra possesses nine flats in Mumbai. Apart from her own flat in Mumbai, Piggy Chops owns five flats at Raj Classic in Versova. But the actress has cleverly converted them into two - one comprising of three flats and the other two. She also owns a penthouse and three flats, which she gives out for rent.

On the same day, I-T departments raided Katrina Kaif’s house and has discovered an unaccounted wealth of around Rs. 6 crore in the form of jewellery, property and business ventures.

Priyanka Chopra’s financial affairs basically deal by her mother Madhu Chopra. IT official has sealed her documents and things will be sorted out once her mother comes back. At present, she is out of Mumbai.

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