Priyanka finally kissed beau Shahid

Priyanka Chopra at first refused to kiss her supposed boyfriend Shahid Kapur in 'Kaminey' but finally she does the lip-locking after Vishal Bharadwaj convinced her. It took Vishal two months to convince Piggy Chops for the kiss. Priyanka and Shahid’s first intimate scene was shot at Lonavala.

A source reveals, “Priyanka was not told about the scene in advance. She categorically told Vishal that she was uncomfortable doing the kissing scene. Vishal did not press the issue and shot the scene without the kiss.”

Unhappy with the love making scene, Vishal called both Shahid and Priyanka to check the accuracy of the scene. Priyanka on watching felt that something was missing. She agreed to Vishal’s perspective and finally kissed Shahid.

The new and sizzling love scene of the duo was shot in Mumbai. Vishal demanded five retakes of the kissing as he wanted five different angles of the scene.