Priyanka’s 'Exotic' named soccer tournament theme song

The glamorous Priyanka Chopra has long been a darling of Bollywood. The acting skills of this luscious beauty have won the hearts of many, but Priyanka wanted to realize her her childhood dream of a musical career. Hence, she had recorded and released her pop album which created a craze among her fans. Her latest single is titled “Exotic” which she recorded with the American rap artist Pitbull. While the song may not have gathered enthusiastic response from the critics, it has been selected as the official theme song of the 2013 Guiness International Champion’s Cup which is slated to kick off in Valencia on 27th July. This was announced by Relevent Sports, who are a part of RSE Ventures and the organizer of the Guinness International Champions Cup, in conjunction with Interscope Geffen A&M and Universal Music.

The GIC is the first tournament of its type and contests will be held across the globe in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Indianapolis, Phoenix and Valencia (Spain). Several clubs from Spain, Italy, UK and America are participating. “We could not be more thrilled about the exceptional list of world class teams playing in this year’s tournament,” said Relevent Sports CEO Charlie Stillitano. “This is a landmark event in soccer and Priyanka’s debut single “Exotic” brings to life the spirit of the tournament.”

“I’m really excited that Exotic has been named the official theme song for the 2013 Guinness International Champions Cup. As a new artist, it’s such an honor when an organization chooses to use my music as their anthem,” says Priyanka.

The track will be played in seven cities during the tournament. The matches will be played in these cities located across America and Spain. The finals are likely to be played on 6th and 7th August in Miami. Red Madrid, LA Galaxy, Juventus and Chelsea are some of the participating clubs in the tournament.

“Last season, my track, In My City, was released exclusively to the NFL (National Football League) as the featured song for the network’s Thursday Night Football series, and I would definitely be open to collaborating with other organizations in the future,” added the luscious actress turned international singing sensation.

So, if you love music, Priyanka Chopra and soccer, then this tournament can prove to be a triple bonanza for you as the single is played in cities around the globe.