Priyanka Chopra threatened by ex-secretary

The ongoing feud between actress Priyanka Chopra and ex-secretary Prakash Jaju is common knowledge in and out of bollywood circles. According to Jaju, Priyanka has not made his payments of approximately Rs 1 crore, which is a percentage for the films that the actress has done during the time he was working with her. However the actress claims that she does not owe Jaju anymore money and has cleared all his dues. Both have filed cases against the other and the case which is pending in court will soon be heard.
However recently Priyanka and her father Ashok Chopra filed another complaint against Jaju for making threatening calls and also for harassment. The police have filed an FIR against Jaju as Priyanka and her father claimed that they had both received blank calls and threatening messages from Jaju. The calls and messages demanded that the actress pay up the amount of Rs 1 crore immediately. In a subsequent move it is claimed that the actress also asked for police protection.

A police official claimed “We are going to call Jaju to question him and then we will decide on the future course of action.” However ex-secretary Jaju claimed that politician Amar Singh had intervened on behalf of Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra who is currently shooting for Farhan Akhtar’s Don in Malaysia said “Let him say whatever he wants to. We know the truth.” Priyanka’s father also said “He is a mad man! I have the papers to prove that all his dues have been cleared. I also have papers to prove that he was involved in forgery. He is a fraud.”

Amidst all the hectic shooting schedules and the ongoing tension with her ex-secretary, the actress was also plagued by rumours surrounding a reunion with ex flame Aseem Merchant. The actress was spotted was model Aseem Merchant recently at a family wedding in Goa. However Priyanka denies any hint of a reunion with Aseem, she says “I am not reuniting with anyone. I am very much single and enjoying my status. I was in Goa for my rakhi brother’s wedding and Aseem was not present at the wedding.”