Priyanka Chopra seeks advice from tarot card reader

Priyanka Chopra has starred in two of the biggest hits of this year, Krrish and Don, unfortunately though the films were a hit, her role was not well-received by critics and the media. Priyanka has not gone on a signing spree of films and instead has decided to wait for good work and roles to come her way. In the meantime the actress is content with her new spiritual self awakening. Tarot card reader Avi is responsible for helping Priyanka to connect with her spiritual side.
Priyanka claims that she was not really serious about spirituality at first and just took it up for fun but later she says “Avi really inspired me. At the end of the day tarot just gives you options. Avi is quite accurate in his reading and he guides me well.” Priyanka also considers Avi an extremely good friend who has been there for her during the trying time of her father’s illness. Avi himself is happy to guide Priyanka and says “She always calls me when she needs me and we are always in touch. She always considers my opinion before she takes any important step in her life.” Avi has also predicted that Priyanka’s forthcoming films Salaam-E-Ishq and Love Story 2050 will help boost her image as a good actress. Well we’re sure that the directors of these two films Nikhil Advani and Harry Baweja will have no complaints with this prediction since it might mean that their films too will do well.

Priyanka has not signed on too many films for next year and is taking her time being picky and choosy about scripts that come her way. Priyanka would rather use this break to acquire some new skills like dancing, she says “I’d much rather work on myself. I want to do Latin, contemporary salsa, jazz etc. Better to hone my skills than do bad films.” Priyanka feels that learning any new dance form would eventually help her as an actress. Priyanka’s next line up of films includes Salaam-E-Ishq, Love Story 2050 and Drona.