Priyanka Chopra’s starry attitude

Priyanka Chopra who recently presented a speech at the Global Leadership Forum in Kuala Lumpur received good reviews for her performances in Aaitraz and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. The actress’s position then rose in the film industry and she is currently being offered some of the best films with big productions banners. However recently the actress seems to be developing a starry attitude on the sets of her films. On the sets of her film Salaam-E-Ishq she recently threw many diva tantrums and gave the film crew a tough time.
When the actress was shooting for Nikhil Advani’s film she was given a Mercedes Benz for her use, but the actress refused and instead asked for the use of a limousine. After driving the Mercedes Benz for a while the actress wanted something bigger and better so she decided to ask for a limousine. The actress also threw a tantrum regarding the outfits that she had to wear for the film. Priyanka made a lot of fuss regarding the clothes for the scenes in the film claiming that her clothes designs were not conducive to the London weather. Designer Vikram Phadnis who has designed the clothes for the film says “Priyanka did have a problem with wearing one of the jackets for a scene in the film and as she is very particular about her look and styling we changed the jacket and replaced it with another one. There was no major problem but just a minor thing which was sorted out immediately.”

But Priyanka’s diva tantrums did not end there; she began interfering in the scenes of the film, giving unsolicited advice and inputs for the film. However director Nikhil Advani refused to comment on the situation with Priyanka saying “I am the not the right one to be talking about this. Why don’t you speak to the producers of the film?” Unfortunately though producer Sunil Manchanda too refused to confirm Priyanka’s diva behaviour. However another source from the sets confirmed Priyanka’s high end behaviour and lavish demands. Priyanka is currently shooting for Harry Baweja’s film Love Story 2050 . The actress was recently also upset with the fact that she was not being promoted as much as Kareena and Isha Koppikar in Farhan Akhtar’s remake Don. But Priyanka claims that these are all baseless rumours and there is no truth to them.