Priyanka Chopra’s ex-secretary to file PIL against release of Krrish

Priyanka Chopra and her ex-secretary, Prakash Jaju’s fall out has been in the news for quite a while. The battle between the popular upcoming actress and her secretary continues to tarnish the actress‘s public image. Prakash Jaju had earlier filed a case against the actress in court citing non-payment of dues for around Rs. 1 crore. However, later, due to an appeal and assurance given by politician Amar Singh, Prakash withdrew his court case. But after almost a year, Prakash’s dues have still not been cleared by Priyanka, hence he has decided to file a stay order against the actress’s upcoming mega blockbuster Krrish.
Prakash Jaju reveals, “If I don’t get my dues I will not allow any of her films to be released.” Prakash has decided to file a PIL against Rakesh Roshan’s 50 crore film Krrish. Jaju claims that he is filing a PIL against Krrish, as the financing for the film has been done by Guru Swarup Srivastava who has done so with illegal money. Srivastava has been arrested and charged with forgery for acquiring loans, by the Economic Offenses Wing. However, Jaju also has an axe to grind with director Rakesh Roshan as he claims that he had requested the director not to employ the actress for his film until she had cleared all his dues. Unfortunately, Rakesh Roshan did not pay heed to Jaju’s request and went ahead and signed Priyanka for his film.

Ex-secretary to the actress claims that he waited for quite a while for his dues before deciding to take such a drastic step. He says, “Earlier I withdrew my case against Priyanka because Amar Singhji had assured me that I would get all my dues, after that immediately the actress’s father took ill and had to undergo a serious operation. On humanitarian grounds I decided to wait, then later on when he was better, I thought he would ask his wife to see that all my dues were cleared. Unfortunately that was not the case, so now I have once again decided to speak for my rights.” Jaju also intends to write a letter to Shahrukh Khan, asking for support in this matter. Priyanka is working with Shahrukh Khan in Farhan Akhtar’s film Don.

Rakesh Roshan says he is completely unaware of this situation. The director says, “I don’t know anything about this yet. Nor have I received any notice from Jaju yet.” But Roshan states that he is completely clueless as to why Jaju should put a stay order on his film, as he claims the actress is merely the leading lady opposite Hrithik Roshan in the film and he had personally asked Priyanka to do this role and had never gone through her secretary. However, an upset Roshan says “It’s a very big film for me and I will not allow anyone to stall it. If Jaju puts a stay order on the film, I will take legal action against him.”

Prakash Jaju hopes that the court will grant him a stay order against the film, Krrish.