Priyanka Chopra ready to tie the knot

Finally, the desi gal says yes to get married. Priyanka Chopra is headstrong about not getting married at this juncture and avoids marriage and in fact marriage discussion. Whenever, her parents talk with her about wedding, she turns a deaf ear to their suggestion.

But now things turned ulta, Priyanka Chopra has been showing keen interest in marriage. She is ready to tie the knot. Priyanka is quoted as saying, “I am ready to get married. I am just waiting for a guy to come and sweep me off my feet. If I get that kind of guy tomorrow, I don't mind marrying tomorrow.”

Mr. and Mrs. Chopra were extremely happy with the decision of their daughter. Priyanka is a successful Bollywood actress and also it’s a right time to get married.

Well, we wonder whether Priyanka has already found a Punjabi munda for her or yet to search one.