Priyanka Chopra paid 6 crore for ‘New Year’ jig

Christmas and New Year are important events for Bollywood stars to cash on quick money in lesser amount of time. These two occasions are good opportunity for the leading stars to earn heft amount with few minutes of jig. Priyanka Chopra has apparently agreed to perform on ‘New Year’ eve in Chennai if she was paid Rs 6 crore for seven minute performance.

A source says, “The organisers of the event have been in talks with Priyanka for the past couple of weeks. They were eager to rope her in as she is popular among the youth. So far she has not performed for a December 31 show, so it was a big deal to get her to say yes.”

However, The organisers felt it was too much high but finally on looking at Priyanka’s popularity among the youths, they have agreed to pay her the whopping amount.

 Adds the source, “The arrangers felt that for a seven-minute performance minus singing, it was a huge amount.

Eventually however they were ready to pay as they felt they would recover the cost in tickets. The marketing team has already started the promotion for the event.”