Priyanka Chopra not living with her mom Madhu Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has moved out of her parents’ home. She has bought a luxurious five-bedroom apartment in Juhu on lease and will be shifting to her new abode soon. For the last three years, Piggy Chops was on property hunt and finally she has zeroed one. Priyanka, however, confirmed that she has moved out of her parents’ home and no more living with her mother Madhu Chopra.

"I am not in Mumbai that much anymore and have finally moved out of my parents' home. Earlier she used to live with her mother Madhu Chopra on Yari Road flat. “My mother (Madhu Chopra) is going, "Haaye... umbilical cord katt gaya," because I am not living with her for the first time in my life," she chuckles.

Due to Priyanka’s busy schedule, Madhu Chopra manages all her personal and monetary affairs. "She has been a risk-taker as an investor. We go back and forth on ideas and mutually work towards an agreement. We are both feisty and opinionated so we go ahead with a plan only when we are on the same page," she admits.

Madhu Chopra is Priyanka’s biggest support system, "Who better to wash your dirty linen in front of?" the actress quips.

Meanwhile, rumours were floating regarding Priyanka’s whopping bank balance. There were strong buzz that her new pad cost a whopping Rs 35 crore, she has made Rs 100 crore in the last three months from endorsements alone and she is also Bollywood's highest paid actress, charging Rs 2 crore for award show appearances? When asked, Priyanka chuckles, "I wish those figures were true!"

On a lighter note, when she was asked doesn't she worry that she's going to wake up one morning to find her name in the Panama Papers? She replied, "I get compensated for what I bring to the table. These figures are exaggerated and usually not even remotely true, not just for me but for anyone in the film industry. I get paid for the attention my brand attracts," she asserts, quick to add, "I am not offended by all the speculation though. I deal with rumours with sass and style!"

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra will be next seen in her Hollywood debut 'Baywatch'.