Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas’s affair left Nick’s ex heartbroken

Nick Jonas’s ex-girlfriend Delta Goodrem is reportedly heartbroken over Priyanka Chopra’s affair with Nick. It is learnt that earlier this year, Goodrem - an Australian singer cum songwriter also tried to reconcile with her love but Goodrem failed to convince with him.

Delta and Nick started dating in 2011 but things turned sour between them. When Nick visited Australia recently, she tried to reunite with him but it did not happen.

After Delta and Nick broke up in 2012, the former has been badly struggling to have Nick back in her life. For that reason, Delta Goodrem has been spending lots of time with Nick Jonas' brother Joe Jonas as they're filming The Voice in Australia.

It is learnt that in early 2016, Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem secretly met after which Nick had promised her to stay in touch.

"They stayed in touched via text and FaceTime after he left, and he promised he'd be back,' said a source.

Women's Day magazine had also quoted an insider saying that Delta Goodrem feels that Nick Jonas was "the one who got away."

During the television show, Delta Goodrem was asked if she's dating anyone lately and she replied. "I'm single."

“Delta was left heartbroken. She feels she can’t compete with a hottie from Hollywood, whose best friends are royals,” the report quoted a source as saying.

Recently, Priyanka attended Nick’s cousin wedding and she also formed a good rapport with the popstar’s family.

When Nick’s brother Kevin was asked about Priyanka by E! News, he refused to get into the matter. “We have met her in the past. She is super-awesome. But, that’s Nick’s thing and he can say what he wants to say,” Kevin said.

Nick and Priyanka are currently going strong and spotted in lunch and dinner date.