Priyanka Chopra needs to lose 8 kgs for anorexic look in Fashion

Priyanka Chopra may have one of the fittest bodies in the film industry, but in the fashion world it does not seem so. Priyanka was signed on for a role in Madhur Bhandarkar's film Fashion and everyone is well aware that the director likes to make his films as realistic as possible. Hence recently Priyanka was asked to shed 8 kgs for her role in the film. Unfortunately Priyanka did not have much time to shed the weight and has only managed to lose 4 kgs. She is now finding it quite difficult to lose the remaining 4 kgs in such a short time span.
Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a model in 'Fashion' and hence she has to adhere to the anorexic look portrayed by models walking the ramp. Moreover, actress Kangana Ranaut and model Mugdha Godse who are extremely thin will be seen alongside Priyanka in the film. This will no doubt further stress Priyanka. A source adds "Since Kangana and Mugdha are extremely thin; Priyanka will look quite odd if she is in the same frame as the two girls. Madhur is a realistic filmmaker and would not like to compromise on any aspect of the film." But through major work outs and diet control, Priyanka has managed to lose 4 kgs and is now striving to lose the other 4 kgs before shooting the important scenes in the film. Perhaps Priyanka will have to opt for a crash diet in order to lose the remaining 4 kgs quickly and this could no doubt be detrimental to her health.

Priyanka's stylist, Rita Dhody defended the actress stating "One needs to understand that all models cannot be anorexic. Priyanka has a different bone structure and a very well defined feminine body. Priyanka is not stick thin. And in the fashion industry, no matter how much weight one loses it's never enough."