Priyanka Chopra first Indian celeb at Twitter headquarters in NYC

Bollywood actress-turned-international star Priyanka Chopra has become the first Indian celebrity to go live from the Twitter headquarters in New York. The actress has more than 14.7 million-strong following on Twitter.

Her visit comes just after the visit by US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Priyanka was also invited to visit Twitter headquarters in San Francisco way back in 2010. At that time, she was the highest followed Bollywood celebrity, a position that is now held by Amitabh Bachchan.

Priyanka interacted with her fans on August 15 (August 16 in India) via live periscope at the microblogging site's headquarters in New York.  After going live, the ‘desi girl’ said that she loves doing things that have not been done before, and giggled, “I started a Twitter account because no one else had.”

Priyanka chatted with Rishi Jaitly, vice president, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Twitter, which was broadcast live. She spoke about a lot of things during her live chat, including her first-ever tweet from 2009 which read, "1,2,3, testing," her popular drama series ‘Quantico’ and her villainous role in Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’. She talked about Independence Day and what it meant to her, among other things. She also answered questions thrown by her fans.

Priyanka also tweeted about her visit to Twitter headquarters by posting a picture and writing, “Headed to the NEST.. Lol @TwitterNYC looking forward @Periscope make em good people! #PCatTwitter.”

Here are the highlights of the live chat:

>> My first tweet was 1,2,3, testing.

>> When I was young, I’d paint my nails saffron, white and green. I did that in Mary Kom as well because Mary did that for one of her final matches.

>> Whoever I follow on Twitter are people I want to know about as soon as I wake up.

>> Quantico has now moved to New York, so it is really fun. Plus, it is a direct flight back to Mumbai from here, so I can go home, but it’s not something I get to do much.

>> New York and Mumbai has three things in common - noise, spirit and smell.

>> I am a storyteller. I am making regional movies and I also want to make movies here.

>> I was a big buffy fan. I was a ’90s kid.

>> I was a big fan of Baywatch. It was a show much more popular all over the world than just America. Just looking at Dwayne (Johnson) and Zack (Efron) together is funny it itself; now imagine that in slow motion.

>> I play the bitchiest, badass bombshell of a villain in Baywatch.