Priyanka Chopra beats Akshay Kumar

Priyanka Chopra rocks the TV world. She leaves behind Akshay Kumar in making the reality show, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi a hit amongst all the reality shows. In the history of KKK, the Fear Factor season 3 had the biggest ever opening. It opened with a 5.5 television viewing rating (TVR). Priyanka Chopra has added a new charm and freshness to the show which Akshay Kumar lack.

Says Priyanka, "I am delighted with the response that KKK3 has received. That the show has garnered a fabulous opening and has had a consistently high viewership, is very encouraging," adding, "I am grateful for all the support I have received so far."

Reacting to the ratings, Ashvini Yardi, head programming, Colors, says, "After two successful seasons, we thought it was time to refresh the show with a new format. With 13 khiladis and 1 haseena host, it was a risk that paid off extremely well. The opening rating of 5.5 reflects the audience's preference for novelty.

She continues, "Signing Priyanka Chopra as the host added freshness to the format and has helped us garner more eyeballs. The first-week viewership rating for KKK3 is higher than the earlier two seasons or any other reality show on other channels."

Well, not only in films but Priyanka is rocking in television also.