Priyanka Chopra at Grand Prix with Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg

It is indeed an honour that one of bollywood’s leading ladies Priyanka Chopra has been invited to inaugurate the Grand Prix in Malaysia. Priyanka will share the honour along with Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg. Priyanka has been personally invited by Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi. Priyanka will be seen hobnobbing with various stars and Formula 1 racers. The Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Fantasy Gala 2007 will be held on April 8 at Sepang in Malaysia.
Priyanka has been a frequent visitor to Malaysia as she has shot for several of her films there and the people of Malaysia too are extremely taken up by her. Priyanka will also attend a grand formal sit down dinner along with some high profile people prior to the event. Priyanka was extremely honoured to be invited for the event and says “I am very excited to be invited to Malaysia for such a grand event. It is also special since the invite has come straight from the Prime Minister, I feel very humbled.” Priyanka will also get to hobnob with Hollywood stars and she says “I am also excited to meet Steven Spielberg and the other Hollywood personalities.” Priyanka is fond of Formula 1 racing, but unfortunately the actress does not get much time to watch the sport. Priyanka’s brother though is a great fan of the sport and keeps her updated.

Priyanka considers Malaysia and the people out there close to heart as she has done many films in Malaysia and she says “I have been shooting here for my films and Malaysia is like my home away from home.” Priyanka has shot for the film Don extensively in Malaysia; recently she also attended an event for women, where she was asked to speak about her career. Priyanka Chopra will be flagging off the event on Sunday.