Priyanka and Kangana being considered for Madhur’s film on Fashion

Madhur Bhandarkar has always made films that are exposes like Page 3 highlighted the dark side of the page 3 culture people, Corporate highlighted the going on’s of the corporate world and Traffic Signal was an expose on the beggar brigade in society. Now Madhur is scripting an expose on the dark side of the fashion world. The film will be titled ‘Fashion Show: The Ugly Side of Beautiful People’. According to sources actresses Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut are all set to be a part of the film.
Madhur’s film on fashion will be produced under the UTV banner and Priyanka and Kangana both have three film contracts with the production house. Naturally the actresses are being considered for prominent roles in the film. Priyanka who was a model turned Miss World and has walked the ramp for many shows and events; hence she is experienced with the fashion world and is being considered. According to rumours Priyanka was earlier too considered for Bhandarkar’s Corporate . Kangana too is graceful and elegant and she may also be a part of the film. However Madhur Bhandarkar says “I’m yet to finish my first screenplay. We are talking to a few actors but nothing has been finalized as of now. Bhandarkar who is known to make small budget films will however be going in for a big budget film this time with sources claiming the budget of the film to be around Rs. 20 crores. Although Madhur refuses to admit that talks are on with Priyanka and Kangana to do the film, Ram Mirchandani of UTV claims “Priyanka and Kangana have been our first choices.”

The film will supposedly be shot at Nitin Desai’s studios in Karjat; huge ramps are being created as they form an integral part of the set up. Also reportedly fashion designer Rohit Bal may be the consulting stylist for the film and may also make a guest appearance in the film. Nonetheless Madhur maintains that all the details are just mere speculations and he still currently scripting the film.