Pritish Nandy calls Kareena a joke

Famous television personality, film producer and a member of Rajya Sabha, Pritish Nandy made a bizarre remark about Kareena Kapoor about her looks in ‘Kambakkht Ishq’. Nandy on his Twitter account commented about Bebo, “Why don`t you see what she looked like in ‘Chameli’ and compare it with ‘KI’ (Kambakkht Ishq). ‘Chameli’ was a real woman, a beautiful woman. She was stunning. Kareena looked like a dream in those days. Today, she is a joke.”

Irritated Kareena counter attacked on Nandy and said, “Some people have too much time to blog and talk about others so much. I don`t even have time to check my computer for my e-mails. I am constantly working -- that just goes to show that I am more focused on my career. I am not the kind who would do boring two songs and two scenes like a lot of others do, just for the heck of it. I hope people realise that even if you are playing a role like mine (in KI), it takes a lot of effort. Why can`t people just watch the film for what it is -- an illogical fun movie, rather than go on and on?”

“Everyone is entitled to their individual opinion. I will always maintain that I have great pride in being part of varied films like ‘Chameli’ and ‘Kambakkht Ishq’. I can proudly say that I have never been stuck in just the glam doll image or just wanted to do path-breaking roles. It`s my career and I am not doing it for everybody to like me. If the producer is making loads of money, that`s about it”, she further added.

Pritish Nandy felt disgusted with Kareena Kapoor hitting back at him and asked his twitter friends to defend him.