Prince is not inspired by Kaante, Bourne series and Bond movies, Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi is shocked by rumors that his action film Prince is "inspired" by action hits like Kaante, Bourne series and Bond movies. From the time first look of Prince was revealed a few months, tongues had started wagging that it seemed to be 'inspired' from the Bourne series and Kaante.   
Similar to central protagonist of the Bourne films, Vivek's character is shown to be suffering from a total memory loss and then the focus shifted from Bourne to Bond with gadgets being thrown around and then there were speculations that Princewas getting into the Kaante zone.
"Prince is unlike any of the films that you mentioned. In fact the major USP of the film is its unique story idea. Imagine someone who is the world's smartest thief and for whom even a seemingly impossible heist is easy; someone who can steal anything from anywhere. Now imagine again that what would happen to him if someone steals his memory?," Vivek said.
"Prince is more in the full-on entertainer space of films like Race or Dhoom 2. I can actually call the film as 'Glocal', something which is a great blend of global and local. While the technology and action is truly international with a global look and packaging, at heart Prince is an absolute Bollywood style entertainer which qualifies for being a paisa vasoolfilm!," Vivek added.