Preity Zinta has grown old, Kamaal R Khan

‘Deshdrohi’ actor Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly known as KRK now takes dig on Preity Zinta. Kamaal who is known for his sharp remarks about celebrities now turned against Preity. After staying away from Bollywood, Preity is back in the limelight for her production debut ‘Ishq In Paris’ which is slated to release on September 21st.

Taking dig at the actor, KRK said, "I'm not against her, but I don't understand why Preity Zinta is wasting her time and efforts on making a film! Preity Zinta ab buddhi ho gayi hai! So, nobody wants to see her on screen! She should settle down and stay at home! At one time she was a huge star, but now her days are over!"

This is not the first time that KRK has spoken badly about someone. In the past, he has also taken a dig against superstar Shahrukh Khan. Kamal's first tweet read, "The real KRK is here.

Please don't follow any other fake KRK. Main hi saccha hun." He challenged SRK a few hours later: "Main @iamsrk (Shah Rukh Khan) KO challenge karta hun.

1 mahine mein mere usse zyada followers honge. i don't have any @Kjohar25 (Karan Johar) behind me."

The number of followers of the real SRK on Twitter (@iamsrk) stood at 30,318, at the time of going to press, while the pretender (@imsrk) had attracted 1,844 of the star's fans.

Kamaal Rashid Khan also tweeted badly against Poonam Pandey. "You dare you to ask me to follow the most dirty lady on planet Poonam Pandey? May be Poonam is doing all this to go to Bigg Boss 5, but they will never take her and if they will take her then I shall not go to Bigg Boss 5. Poonam Pandey was having 10k followers and now having 25k. So I can imagine the choice of people here.

I have seen Poonam's ass on twitter and let me tell you truth I have never ever seen so dirty ass. Please people don't compare Rakhi Sawant with Poonam Pandey. Rakhi gives controversial statements but she doesn't show her... (read vital statistics).