Preity Zinta submits bruised hand photo to police

With each passing day some more revelations are becoming known in the Preity Zinta- Ness Wadia case. The investigation in the case is going on in full swing at the moment and as per latest reports Preity has submitted four photos to the police that show her hands in a bruised state. Preity had allegedly suffered bruises in her hand after being abused by Ness Wadia on 30th May during the IPL match between Punjab and Mumbai.

A police officer who is involved in the investigation has said, "These four photographs, which show bruises on Zinta's hand, were received by us today. We are examining the photographs, which will be crucial pieces of evidence in the case." Apparently Zinta has also submitted medical proof like the doctor’s report to back her claim of being manhandled by Wadia.  Co-incidentally, a neighbor of Preity Zinta, named Danish Merchant had earlier claimed that the actor had shown him her bruised hand. In her statement Preity Zinta had said that the accused Wadia had shouted at her and abused her before "grabbing my arm and pulling me." The photos and the medical proof can seriously challenge Ness Wadia’s claim that there was only verbal argument between the two at Wankhede Stadium.

This development comes almost immediately after two foreign nationals backed Preity’s claim against Wadia. The foreigners, American national Jean Goodenough and father of Australian cricketer David Miller were named as witnesses by Preity. Both men confirmed through their e-mail statement that they had seen the whole incident. Their version goes directly against Wadia. Reportedly, Jean had intervened in the argument and asked Ness to take a step back. He said that Ness had ‘abused’ and ‘insulted’ Preity Zinta when being told “not to treat a woman this way.”

Meanwhile, Ness Wadia had not been sitting idle all this time. The Wadia’s wrote to the police officers in Marine Drive police station, giving them contact details of six witnesses. Wadia had earlier written to police on 2nd July naming nine witnesses. The list included- Loretta Joseph, Pooja Dadlani, Farah Oomerbhoy, Sweetie Burman, Serieka Lal, Rayaan Mustapha and Sharat Nath, Kamlesh Shah and Anneline Adams.  The police had been finding it difficult to locate the witnesses just on the basis of their names. Hence the details were submitted to police. A police officer confirmed the news and said, "We had contact details of a few of the nine witnesses whose names had been shared with us by Wadia on July 2. Today we received contact details of the rest from the Wadias.".