Preity Zinta’s personal message to the people of Mumbai

The Mumbai Municipal elections will be coming up but unfortunately there are many people who don’t bother to cast their vote. Hence actress Preity Zinta has been roped in to promote an awareness of the importance of voting during the upcoming elections. Preity wants people to go out there and vote as she feels it will definitely make a difference, Preity says “If you want better Mumbai, only you can make it happen. This is the moment to translate opinions into votes. We all should be proud of Mumbai and it’s very sad that lots of people don’t vote. If you go out there and do the right thing, it will make a huge difference to this city.”
Preity Zinta is a well known celebrity and hence her appeal to the common man could have the required impact and increase the voter turnout. Preity wants to ensure that people vote and hence she has participated in this campaign. Earlier too in 2005, Preity was seen being a responsible citizen and celebrity when she took up a broom and began to sweep the streets as part of a cleanliness drive in Mumbai. Preity is a high profile celebrity and can easily distance herself from these things but she feels she also has a responsibility towards her country and city. Preity says “I’d have liked to distance myself from all this, like we all do, but I can’t turn a blind eye because I feel I can make a difference. Things bother me and yes I am concerned about this city and hence I shall vote today. Hope you do too.”

Preity confesses that earlier she too was not aware of the importance of voting and she too often ignored various civic matters. Preity is appalled by the potholes in the roads of Mumbai, the uncleanliness and dirt on the streets etc and she wants to change all of these things. Preity wants to do her bit towards the society and country. Hence she has given this personal message which is heartfelt.