Preity Zinta joins Anupam Kher's acting school

Preity Zinta is working hard on shedding her glamorous image right now as she is in a different phase of her career right now. The actress has not been seen around much as she is busy with her films that portray her in a more realistic and serious light. Preity has also joined Anupam Kher's acting school for a refresher's course in acting as she wants to work hard on her performances and shed her glamorous tag.
Preity and Anupam have worked together earlier and hence when the latter heard that Preity was looking to hone her acting skills further, he suggested that she join his acting school. Preity too was kicked and excited to try out something different and agreed. She says "I need to now step into another phase in my career. That’s why I'm doing a series of films that require me to discard my glamorous image." Preity is doing Deepa Mehta's film Heaven on Earth where she plays the role of a battered Punjabi wife . She is also doing a film Heroes where she will be speaking a completely new language with which she is not familiar and she will also have to change her body language completely. Preity further says "I also needed to change my entire approach to acting and hence, that's why I went to Anupam. I attended his school and it did me a world of good."

Preity has also done her first English film, Last Lear with Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal etc. The film is already receiving appreciation at several film festivals. Apparently Preity looks very much like veteran Rekha in this film. Preity is also doing Har Pal where once again she will have a very different physical look. So right now Preity seems to be quite serious about her serious roles.