Preity Zinta denies being a home breaker claims Suchitra is unstable

For a few months now, actress cum singer cum painter Suchitra Krishnamurthy has been lamenting that actress Preity Zinta had an affair with her husband Shekhar Kapoor and is responsible for the break up of her marriage. Although at first Preity tried to ignore all the malicious accusations made by Suchitra, she finally decided to stand up for herself after Suchitra went overboard with the accusations. Preity Zinta however outrageously denies having had any affair with Shekhar Kapoor.
Preity denies ever calling up Suchitra and also claims that she and Shekhar have nothing more than a professional relationship and friendship. In her defense Preity says “The baseless accusations clearly show that Suchitra is unstable and I wish her a speedy recovery. It’s unfortunate that I’m bearing the brunt of someone else’s paranoia.” In fact it is well known that Preity has been dating businessman Ness Wadia for quite a while now. No doubt Preity as well as beau Ness were upset with these accusations. Supposedly Preity has even asked Shekhar to clear her name and Shekhar has personally given a statement stating that Preity and he have never had an affair and that she is not responsible for the break-up of his marriage.

Abhishek refuses to work with Kareena, replaces her with fiancée Ash

Abhishek Bachchan was earlier engaged to actress Karisma Kapoor unfortunately though things didn’t work out and ever since the two have not been on talking terms. Now Abhishek is engaged to Aishwarya Rai and the two are all set to tie the knot on April 20. Karisma too has moved on and is married to Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapur and has a little daughter Samaira. In spite of both Abhi and Karisma having moved on, the two still remain aloof with each other. And now Karisma’s younger sis, Kareena seems to be paying the price for this too. Abhishek Bachchan recently refused to do a film with Kareena and instead asked her to be replaced with fiancée Ash.

Abhishek Bachchan will be acting in a Karan Johar produced film to be directed by Tarun Mansukhani. Karan Johar is good friends with both Abhishek as well as Kareena; in fact Karan has recently patched up with Kareena and has promised to work with the actress some time soon. However it seems like Abhishek did not want to have anything to do with the Kapoor gals Karisma or Kareena and he was very adamant about not working with the latter. Well after much persuasion, director Tarun relented and replaced Kareena with none other than Abhishek’s fiancée Ash. Well it seems like Abhishek is still holding on to old grudges and refuses to forgive and forget.

Salman Khan invited for Ash-Abhi wedding

In spite of much speculation that ex-beau Salman Khan would not be invited for the wedding of ex flame Ash with Abhishek, according to sources the entire Khan family including Salman Khan has been invited. However it is still not known if Salman will personally attend the wedding function. The wedding will supposedly take place on 20 April and although the wedding will be a close family knit affair, bigwigs from high society and bollywood are sure to attend. It is however said that Ash is aware that the Khan family have been invited by the Bachchans.

According to sources Salman will also be gifting Abhishek a striking sherwani specially designed for him. Salman has turned over a new life and has recently been trying to change his bad boy image. The actor is known to be extremely generous and donates to various causes. After donating a huge amount to a cancer stricken boy, now Salman along with Katrina Kaif won 50 lakhs on KBC and donates it to his personal Salman Khan Foundation for the poor and needy.

SRK gives KBC participants cars and also financial advice

Shahrukh Khan’s stint as a host on Kaun Banega Crorepati may be coming to an end with the end of the first season, but the actor is satisfied with his role as a host and has also learnt a lot from the show. Shahrukh has been known to be an extremely generous host on KBC, earlier he has given several contestants his personal Tag Huer watches. Now on the final episode of KBC, SRK will again display his generosity where he will be seen giving the participants who don’t win anything Santro cars.

Shahrukh has planned a surprise on the last episode of the show where he intends to gift Santro cars to the nine participants who are unable to win any prize money on the show. SRK is the brand ambassador for Santro Hyundai cars and he says “One can’t ignore the fact that all these participants have spent a lot of time and energy to be a part of this show and hence we have been thinking about giving out prizes to the contestants who don’t make it to the hot seat.” Apart from that several participants who have won huge amounts of prize money on KBC are consulting Shahrukh on how to invest their money in showbiz wisely and some have even proposed to make films with him. But our generous Shahrukh is more than happy to help out these participants and is currently going through heir proposals.

Kajol and Shahrukh Khan onscreen in a Karan Johar film

Last year actress Kajol made a comeback with actor Aamir Khan in Fanaa. However in spite of receiving plenty of film offers since her comeback, the actress is adamant on doing a selective few films as she wants to spend maximum time with her daughter Nysa. However now according to sources Kajol might make a full fledged comeback in a Karan Johar film with none other than Shahrukh Khan. Prior to marriage and motherhood, Kajol has done several films with SRK and the two were considered a hit pair.

According to sources, good friend and filmmaker Karan Johar is trying his best to convince Kajol to do his film and return to bollywood full time. Kajol will also be doing her husband Ajay Divan’s directorial debut film and has also been seen in several ads along with hubby Ajay Devgan. Karan Johar is currently working on the research for his script and plans to have a film with a strong social message. Sources claim the film will be shot in New York, but actress Kajol still has to give the final confirmation. If Kajol agrees to do Karan’s film with SRK it will definitely be a homecoming of sorts and the audience will be anxiously waiting to see the magic between the couple once more on-screen.