Preity Zinta and her controversies

Preity Zinta at the moment is heavily embroiled in controversy over her allegation on former boyfriend Ness Wadia. Last month, the actor and co-owner of IPL Kings XI Punjab franchise, had filed a police complaint in which she accused Ness Wadia of molesting and abusing her on 30th May at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium during an IPL match. While Ness has denied the charges as ‘totally false and baseless’, the police investigation is going on and we all can expect some more news from this infamous incident. While Preity’s image is that of a lively, bubbly girl, she is no stranger to controversy. Here are some examples of her tryst with controversy:

· In 2000, Bharat Shah, the producer of her film ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’ was arrested by police on charges of having links with the Mumbai underworld. Zinta and several of her industry colleagues were witnesses in the case. However, every witness turned hostile except her. She testified in court against the Indian mafia and was given two months of witness protection. She received praises from the public and the media for her bravery.

· In 2007 Preity was in the center of another scandal. She was supposed to work in a film with director Shekhar Kapur which ultimately did not happen. But actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy blamed Preity for her divorce from Shekhar Kapoor. She alleged that her husband and Preity were having an affair. While initially silent, Preity later retorted with a statement. She said, "It is unfortunate that I am bearing the brunt of someone else’s paranoia. She’s clearly unstable and I wish her a speedy recovery.” She claimed that she has met Shekhar only a few times. Interestingly, Shekhar Kapoor was seen in Preity’s film 'Ishkq in Paris' last year where he played her father.

·  Preity is locked in a legal battle with the family of the late producer Shandar Amrohi. As per reports, she had lent Rs 2 crore to Amrohi to fight some cases on the assurance that the amount would be returned.   After his death in 2011, Preity requested his family to refund her money but they did not respond. Preity later filed a case with Bombay High Court seeking the return of her money.· In recent times, rumors are circulating that Preity is going through a financial crisis. She invested a lot of money on her film 'Ishkq in Paris' but it flopped badly. The rumors became stronger after she rented out her longtime apartment. Although she denied any crisis, she confessed that her friend Salman Khan has offered to help her financially.