Preity rubbishes rumours of split with boyfriend Ness

Preity Zinta is currently concentrating on changing her image in bollywood, she has now moved to doing more serious roles as she has reached a different stage in her career. However there have been rumours that Preity has lately been very busy with work and hence she hardly has time for boyfriend Ness Wadia. Some sources had claimed that the two were even having problems in their relationship. But Preity claims "We are happy and there are no problems between us."
Preity Zinta is making a conscious decision to move away from her glamorous roles right now. She is currently doing a strong role in Deepa Mehta's film where she plays a battered Punjabi wife. Recently there were rumours that all is however not well in Preity's personal life. She was shooting for Deepa Mehta's film in Toronto and boyfriend Ness too had accompanied her to spend time with her. However since Deepa is a tough taskmaster, there were reports that Preity hardly had time to spend with Ness and this apparently led to an argument between the couple. Sources claimed that after the showdown between Ness and Preity, an upset Ness returned to Mumbai and Preity was once again immersed with her shoot.

However Preity denies the entire story, terming it rubbish. Preity said "I don't know where these stories originate from. A few months ago it was being said that Ness and I were getting married and now it's being said that he and I have split." Preity obviously was not too happy with the media intrusion into her personal life. But she nonetheless said "Ness and I are happy together, thank you very much." Preity will also be seen in a serious avatar in Heroes. In fact she had recently also joined Anupam Kher's acting school to brush up on her acting skills.