Preity lashes out at the media

Bollywood glam doll Preity Zinta run into trouble when on her 34th birthday she was accused of playing loud music and disturbing her neighbors throughout the night. Following the incident, Preity was bit upset with the media when they played the prime role by manipulating some facts and making it a breaking news. To Preity, her loud birthday party became a fodder for the media, they sensationalized the entire incident and thereby harming her reputation.

"I had a party and the police came and put the music off. They also fined me and I paid it on the same night. I also have the receipt for the same. The music did not come up again as mentioned on some sensational channels," the actress said in a press statement.

She was upset with the wrong report that she played the music at the same frequency even after the police left. Preity claimed that she lowered down the volume when Mumbai police intervened.

"Journalism is about investigation and reporting the facts. Things like 'I broke the law and no action was taken' on me plus a rich versus poor story on TV channels is upsetting," Preity said.

"There should be a law against sensational and false news being passed off on news channels as news. I am a law-abiding citizen so please check your facts before putting it on TV", she added.