Prakash Jha, Big B join hands to make film on Anna Hazare

Prakash JhaAce movie maker of Bollywood , Prakash Jha , who is well known for his movies highlighting various forms of socio political issues , is reported to have decided to support Anna Hazare’s cause by making a movie based on him. The news came at a time when the whole country is saluting the 74 year old Gandhian activist, who by his sheer will power , political acumen and unyielding patriotism, has made the strong Congress Govt bow to his demands of passing a strong Lokpal Bill.

The movie which will be named “Satyagraha” will be based on the recent developments of peaceful protests spearheaded by Anna Hazare aimed at making the Govt. take some strong resolution against the prevalent corruption in our country. Jha has whole heartedly applauded the movement terming it unprecedented and remarkable.

Like his previous hard hitting movies on myriad of social evils, this movie will also address the social issue of corruption. Though the subject has been portrayed on the silver screen many a times in the past, but this movie upcoming movie is expected to deal with it in a more comprehensive manner with singular focus. The movie will depict the protest against this social evil in exactly the same way and with the same values of peace and non violence, as Anna’s recent protests. Playing the lead role is none other than the counties most beloved super star Amitabh Bacchan who will find himself in the shoes of the Gandhian activist leading the countrywide surge of support against the issue. Reportedly ,  in the movie Bacchan will fight against the flaws of Indian Political system  and  his character having a lot of  common with real life anti corruption crusader Anna. In the movie he is shown to believe that the fight to corruption should target the eradication of this evil from the grass root level to the very top of the political institution. This is very similar to the demands that we have seen recently Anna putting in front of Govt to consider and the latter eventually bowing to it under immense support for it from the civil society and the public in large.

Till now it is only Mr Bacchan who is finalized for the cast in the movie. The rest of the cast as well as the final script will be decided upon later, said Jha.