Poonam Pandey’s PM jokes go viral on twitter

This Lok Sabha election Poonam Pandey without any effort or skin show became the talk of the town. The hashtag #PoonamPandeyAsPM is trending on Twitter and various funny jokes are posted as Poonam as the PM of the country.

Here are few funny tweets:-

[email protected]Gnptweets


if #PoonamPandeyAsPM then the TRP ratings of loksaba meetings are goes to high.....

3:58 PM - 11 Apr 2014

Ram [email protected]rammalviya14


If we elect #PoonamPandeyAsPM then daily one PM will come from other country for meet our PM...

3:28 PM - 11 Apr 2014

Krithika [email protected]Krithika_2012


She would say 'Yes! Yes!' like the previous PM, only this time, a lot of people out there won't mind. #PoonamPandeyAsPM

3:27 PM - 11 Apr 2014

Ankur Poddar @Ankur_Poddar


#PoonamPandeyAsPM Because even if she doesn't speak a single word in her term we will not mind.

3:13 PM - 11 Apr 2014

Gautam [email protected]gautamverma23


Everyone keep asking what is wrong with this country. I'll tell you. #PoonamPandeyAsPM trending on #3 is what's wrong with this country.

5:56 PM - 10 Apr 2014

The actress herself is very excited by the whole thing. She tweets.

 Poonam [email protected]iPoonampandey


#PoonamPandeyAsPM 24hrs Trending Effect... Got a Call from Top Political Party.. Wants Me to Support Them on Social Media UNBELIEVABLE