Poonam Pandey to launch bedroom video

Aspiring model Poonam Pandey got immense response after launching her bathing video in a two piece. Her bathing video on Youtube was a big hit and huge number of internet surfers viewed her raunchy bathing video. Highly excited Poonam now announced that she would very soon launch her bedroom video that would reveal few bedroom secrets.

Delighted with the feedback, Poonam Pandey said, “Within 36 hours of uploading my video, I gained 65 lacs hit.” The traffic on her website http://www.poonampandey.co.in was so high that the website jammed twice. Though Poonam earned quick bucks, her idea was to do something unique.

Poonam Pandey while uploading her bathing video shared that this is only a trailer and she has many more interesting up her sleeve. Very soon Poonam will launch a 24x7 channel on her website poonampandey.co.in that will give people a glimpse into her bedroom.

Poonam Pandey is very happy that she has been able to do something different which no one has tried in India before. When asked about her family, Poonam said that they are aware of her video thiugh they haven’t watched it yet.