Poonam Pandey Hot Photos Leaked

Call it a mere accident or a publicity stunt, it seems to have done good to Poonam Pandey and the makers of the next movie she will feature in, Nasha. The movie which is slated for a July 26 release could do with a little bit of publicity. Poonam had earlier asserted that Nasha will be the sexiest movie of Bollywood in recent times. However, a picture speaks a thousand words.

In order to substantiate her claim, Poonam went that extra mile and posted a Hot picture of hers on twitter. It took twitter by storm and people swore to watch the movie when it releases. The picture had a caption with it – ‘leaked’. Her twitter followers went crazy seeing their role model in a bare back picture.

Poonam Pandey has been a Kingfisher model in the past. She has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It seems she follows a simple mantra in life. In the words of Oscar Wilde, the only thing that is worse than being talked about is not being talked about. She has stripped her way to fame almost every year. It all started with her promising to strip if the Indian cricket team lifted the World Cup in 2011. Much to everyone’s delight, India did win the cup. However, much to her disappointment, Poonam was denied her chance to strip by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI). That did not deter Poonam entirely.

Cut to the Indian Premier League 2012, and Poonam once again shot to the limelight by promising to strip naked if Shah Rukh Khan owned team Kolkata Knight Riders lifted the cup. Again, KKR did win and this time there was no looking back. She immediately posted a Hot picture of hers on her twitter account which became a rage. She tried to evade legal hurdles by posting an underage warning. She thereby proved that she is a woman of her words.

Thus she can be banked upon to reveal the ace up her sleeve at the right moment. She appeals to the senses of most people in this country and that could translate into box office figures. The use of raunchy item numbers and pictures to attract a section of the audience is not new in this country. We will have to wait and watch till July 26 to find out how this publicity gimmick worked for the film Nasha.

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