Pooja Misrra offloads from GoAir flight for misbehaving with co-passengers

VJ-model Pooja Misrra again hits the headlines for all wrong reasons. Rude Pooja was off-loaded from Mumbai-Lucknow GoAir flight yesterday for misbehaving with co-passengers. She picked up fight with the passengers and yelled at them unnecessarily. Finally, the flight staff and the pilot intervened and off-loaded Pooja for her rude behaviour and creating ruckus. She yelled at the economy class passengers calling them, “donkey class”.

Due to Pooja, the 9.50 am GoAir flight delayed by 30 minutes.

According to the source, Misrra, who was travelling in a business class lost her cool when the porter delayed to come to her service to pick up her hand baggage. She checked in on time and instead of waiting for the porter to arrive, she moved to the boarding gate carrying her hand baggage. "The loader was supposed to pick her hand baggage and drop it through priority boarding (a service offered to business class flyers), but she left the lounge before the loader's arrival," said a senior Mumbai airport official. "She then went up till the boarding gate, where the loader touched her baggage. She accused him of misbehaving with her. The airline staff handled the situation."

According to a co-passenger, things turned worse when Misrra threw her handbag on another passenger.

"When she was in the aerobridge, she threw her handbag on another passenger. Then, she entered the aircraft by pushing the passengers in front of her. Passengers complained about the unruly behaviour to in-flight staff, who tried to calm her down," said a statement issued by Go Air. "However, she started abusing the airline staff. Since the flight was being held up, the Captain decided to deplane the passenger by following the flight regulations," a source added.

"The staff politely persuaded her to deplane. The CISF was informed about the incident. After long persuasion, she agreed to deplane and was provided a seat in the next flight," the airline said.

Inside the flight, Pooja started abusing other flyers "for no apparent reason”. She entered into a brawl with other passengers. "I'm a business class passenger, not donkey class like yours (sic)", Pooja shouts.

When the pilot intervened she picked up fight with him as well. "The passengers weren't ready to fly with her and it was then that the pilot took a call to not take her on board," said a GoAir official. "The CISF had to be called. It was only after the passenger was told that she was being deplaned on the basis of her behaviour did she begin to calm down."

The airport and Sahar police say they deal with at least three cases of unruly passengers a month. "Such incidents [of disruptive behaviour] have increased over the last year. These cases have to be handled with the utmost care," said a senior police official.