Pooja Misraa sues Colors for stealing ‘Farah Ki Daawat’ concept

Remember Pooja Misraa of ‘Bigg Boss 5’. Pooja Misrra Productions cookery show has slapped a legal notice to Colors for stealing her concept, ‘Farah Ki Daawat’. She alleges that the celebrity cookery show 'Farah Ki Daawat' was her concept and Colors has stolen it from her.

‘Farah Ki Dawaat’ hosted by Farah Khan features various celebrities and they show their culinary skills on the show.  The legal notice also states about the time when Pooja was a part of Bigg Boss. It reads, "My client states that after such a defamatory and horrendous projection on Bigg Boss no one offered my client respectable roles in the Bollywood film fraternity and going by the bad example set by Colors to make my client a sacrificial lamb,everybody followed suit and did the same to her.That this lead to severe health, professional and financial losses for my client and scarred her career for life."

About Pooja's cookery show it states: "All boundaries of professionalism and decency were crossed when Colors went ahead and plagiarised 'Pooja Misrra Productions 'maiden cookery show, written, directed, produced and anchored by my client herself by putting on air, Farah Khan ki Dawat."

"Even the sponsor Videocon had approached Pooja Misrra Productions for sponsorship for her cookery show however was shamelessly roped in by Colors for Farah Khan ki Dawat. Now ever since the inception of Colors we have not seen a cookery show on the prime time slot, so its crystal clear that Farah Khan ki Dawat was plagiarised from ,Pooja Misrra Productions cookery show which will soon be airing on a New York based food channel."