Poaching case: Wildlife activists burn Salman Khan’s effigy,write to Prez

Salman Khan’s acquittal in two cases of chinkara poaching has irked environmentalists and wildlife activist who burnt the superstar’s effigy and staged a sit-in protest at the district collectorate in Jodhpur.

The Jodhpur bench of the Rajasthan High Court on Monday, July 25, gave a clean chit to Salman and acquitted him in two separate cases of chinkara poaching, 18 years after the incident was reported. The court observed that the pellets that killed the endangered animals were not fired from the actor's gun.

The demonstrators termed the court’s decision as a blow to their efforts and crusade against poaching of wild animals. The Bishnoi Commando Force assembled at the district collectorate on Tuesday with placards demanding punishment for the ‘Sultan’ actor and also submitted a memorandum addressed to the President, seeking his attention on the matter.

"In our memorandum, we have sought reply from the President that how a poacher was acquitted and if he did not kill the deer, then who did," said Pukhraj Kheri, state president of Bishnoi Commando Force. "We have also asked him to help us know who killed the chinkara and for his support in the crusade against anti-wildlife forces," he added.

He said that the acquittal of the actor after 18 years of legal battle will lift the morale of poachers as there will be no fear of law in them. It will lead to spurt in such incidents.

"Government should think about it and strengthen its mechanism of prosecution in such cases so that the accused do not get away with the crime," he said, asking for cooperation of the government in bringing justice to the innocent animals.

One Kisnaram Bishnoi said that soon an action plan will be drawn on how to take this case further to ensure justice to the deer and put the guilty behind bars.