‘PK’ controversy: Aamir Khan breaks his silence, clarifies issue

<PK>With ‘PK’ success, brings along lots of controversy. ‘PK’ has invited controversy not only before the film release but post the film’s grand opening, the film roped into controversy for hurting religious sentiments. Hindu groups boycott the film and voiced their anger against the ‘PK’ makers for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments.

Clarifying the issue, Aamir Khan said, "We respect all religions. All my Hindu friends have seen the film and they have not felt the same. Even Raju is Hindu, so is Vinod and so is Abhijat. In fact 99% of the crew was Hindu. No one would have done such a thing", he clarified. But that everyone will have different viewpoints is something that Aamir knows and respects as well."I think that this is a democracy where everyone has their own opinions and I respect everyone's viewpoints, their feelings and their opinions. Having said that, I don't think that any of us are talking about any one religion in particular. I think there have been utmost care taken in telling the story in a sensitive matter and not a sensational matter"

Rajkumar Hirani, who directed the movie further adds, "We have not done anything for which people can tell we have deliberately hurt anyone's religious sentiments. The core idea of the film is just that we are not born with a birthmark proclaiming we are Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs or Christians. It is just that like a baby is born without any pre-conceived notions and is made to follow a certain lifestyle and perform certain rituals, we decided to have Aamir as an alien which meant he too did not have any idea or notions about what religion is here on Earth. A newborn baby is taught to follow certain rules and act according to one's religious traditions. When they grow up and have their own set of ideologies, they think their ways or methods are right and others are wrong. To a Hindu, some ritual might be done in a certain manner or something might be considered sacred. But for Muslims, it might be something else. That is what we tried to portray that our ways are different, not by choice, but our faith remains the same"

"In Munnabhai, we tried saying that doctors should be compassionate. It was a message , not for all doctors because not all doctors are uncompassionate. Similarly this message is for a particular section of people who exploit and use others for their own benefits, in the name of religion"

Aamir said that he targeted those gurus who are cheater and takes advantage of the people. He continued saying. "There are a lot of spiritual gurus as well who will make you feel better and who are devoid of such notions. They inspire and enrich you with ideas and they are great spiritual leaders. This film does not target them. But it is for them who are corrupt and are trying to take advantage of you to sell their products"

"Faith is an extremely integral part of our lives. I think Raju, Abhijat, me genuinely feel that faith should not be robbed. We also need faith for life. But blind faith or andh vishwas is unnecessary because many people exploit us under the garb of such masks. Especially the needy and the poor are exploited the most. How sometimes under the name of religion you are doing things that your religion does not allow you to do - like killing people. Religion does not teach you to do such things but some people pretend that it is religion that is asking them to do such things", added Aamir. 

#BoycottPK is the slogan roaring on twitter by the haters, on this Aamir said, "I think Indian audience is not feeling this. For everything that anyone does, you have to realise that there would be one person who would stand up and say something negative. People criticised Satyamev Jayate also. So there's no end to that. The collections are only rising and is only indicative of the fact that the people are watching the film and they are liking the film as well. It is rising by 20-30-40% each day which does not happen if people don't like the film. If you don't like the film, the numbers drop instantly. So clearly, I think that certainly this film is taking a stance against those groups or those people who are exploiting others."

On the other hand, ‘PK’ is welcomed by the mass audience with open arm. The film is doing good business at the box-office.