Photos: Honey Singh's first appearance with wife Shalini

For all the female fans who have been swooning over the music of Yo Yo Honey Singh, gear yourself for a heart break! Yes’ll be more than shocked to know that the rapper who is always spotted with a string of girls is..keep on reading..a committed man.

And this time it’s not just any lovey-dovey relationship but marriage! For the very first time, the musician’s wife made a public appearance at the star’s ongoing singing reality show, ‘India’s Raw Star’. As if this wasn’t enough, the couple managed to give quite an “awww” moment to all those present on the sets of the show.

During the initial days of Honey Singh's career, he maintained a strong silence about his personal life to keep it away from media glare and we hear that he had even denied being married at one point of time. However, later, Yo Yo Honey Singh finally accepted about tying the knot but never made an appearance with his wife, Shalini, until recently. He not only introduced his wife but also went on praising and appreciating the love of his life.

The reason for this all of a sudden appearance is this.

Apparently, Honey Singh felt a bit nervous and edgy following the release of his new album ‘Desi Kalakaar’ and stopped the shoot of ‘India’s Raw Star’. The singer-turned-actor then resumed the shoot of the episode only when his wife turned over the sets to calm him off. According to the sources, Shalini took a few minutes and had a word with hubby Honey Singh and everything happened to be fine thereafter. Mr. Singh looked completely eased off and the shoot was resumed.

‘Desi Kalakaar’ has a romantic flavor to it. The album was launched at an event on Tuesday. "This album has less party songs. There is no alcohol song in it. It is a very romantic and dance-based album. It is something new from Yo Yo Honey. A new avatar of him as 'Desi Kalakaar'," said the rapper, who has churned out hits like ‘Blue Eyes’, ‘Brown rang’ and ‘Dope shope’ in the past.

The couple reportedly shared some romantic moments on the stage as well. The episode has been lined-up to air soon. "She is my friend and I will always listen to her no matter what because today I have realised that she is very important and always right about everything,” the rapper said.  Shalini was dressed up in a casual blank tank top paired with cool black leggings. She is a beauty for sure!

The couple was caught in a few candid moments as well.

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