Paris Hilton desires to meet Ranbir, he ignores

Socialite Paris Hilton arrived in India with many heartfelt desires and one among those was to meet one of the most eligible bachelorettes Ranbir Kapoor. But the hunk ignored Paris and did not turn up for the party that was thrown for Paris Hilton. “Paris has been enquiring about Ranbir Kapoor and even expressed a desire to meet him. In fact, she was actually looking forward to meeting him at the big bash that was hosted by Queenie Singh to welcome her,” reveals an insider.

Ranbir Kapoor carries the tag of the most eligible bachelorettes that is why Paris desires to him but the actor gave a royal ignore to the international star.

“She is quite high on Bollywood and fascinated by it. She was quite excited about meeting some of them too,” the insider added.

However, Ranbir couldn’t make up to the bash as he was busy with his film Barfee.