Papa Roshan singing son Hrithik’s praise

Hrithik Roshan in Jodhaa AkabrThe much awaited film Jodhaa Akbar is ready to hit the floor. The promo of the film is creating good excitement among the cine-goers and its music is playing in every nook and corner. Everyone is ready to catch the first day, first show of the film. The excitement is also brewing among Papa Roshan and Beta Hrithik. On February 8, Rakesh Roshan along with some of his close friends went to see the screening of Jodhaa Akbar and when they came out from the show they were totally in a state of shock to see Hrithik’s performance.

Papa Roshan was overwhelmed to see the performance of his son as Akbar and hoping that the film will be a mega hit. According to Mr. Roshan, Hrithik was totally immersed in every scene and beautifully portrayed the character of Akbar. He is able to recreate the magic of Akbar’s power on the screen successfully. He further added that the reason behind the success of his film is only his son Hrithik. His film does a good business because of the presence of his son. He also said that still now he failed to extract those acting skill from Hrithik. He was totally stunned to see his powerful performance in Jodhaa Akbar.

Papa Roshan is now in deep thought about his forthcoming venture with Hrithik. He believes that his film goes hit only because of Hrithik factor rather than a great storyline. After such a stunning performance from his son his feels that his responsibility towards his son has increased and he had to work very hard on his script because he is sure that his son would able to give his 100% no matter how tough would be the storyline. In the present situation, it demands only a great script from him that would appeal the mass. It seems that Papa Roshan is gearing up for son Hrithik. It’s really great.