Oliver Stone finds Mallika very hot

Director Oliver Stone and sexy siren of Bollywood Mallika Sherawat happened to meet at the Global Brand Forum 2008 held in Malaysia. Other than exchanging ideas and facts about films, both shared their liking and disliking about various things and very much enjoyed each other company as they shared many things in common. Oliver is smitten by Mallika's bold attitude and approach towards life.

Mallika gushes, "It was a fabulous experience! I must admit I was star-struck. Oliver's made so many classics (JFK, Platoon, Natural Born Killers)... The reason I accepted the invitation was because of the opportunity to meet him. When we met, we spoke about so many things. We got along like a house on fire! Oliver's an extremely interesting person to talk to and has knowledge of so many things. I really enjoyed meeting him."

Mallika who almost vanished from Hindi film will be next seen in a Hollywood flick titled Hiss where she is playing a snake woman. This fictional-fantasy is being directed by well-known Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch.