No retakes for Mira Nair

The expertise to transcend geographical barriers with contemporary Indian sensibilities.

The skill to say Salaam Bombay with as much finesse as she mixes Mississippi Masala, and organise a Monsoon Wedding with as much passion as she follows the Kama Sutra. Meet director Mira Nair...
...In town for the opening of brother Vikram’s restaurant in Gurgaon, the New York-based director has a lot cooking in her own celluloid kitchen. Up next is Vanity Fair, starring Gabriel Byrne and Reese Witherspoon of Legally Blonde fame. ‘‘Apart from dramatic depth, Reese has comic timing. I am working on the film’s sound and music now. Vanity Fair will be released simultaneously in India and the US ,’’ informs Mira.

Incidentally, Mira’s sights are also set on Broadway, where she will soon take Monsoon Wedding as a musical. Considering that she starts talking about a third project in the same breath, the ‘M’ in Mira’s name could well stand for multi-faceted. ‘‘Homebody Kabul is a thriller based in Afghanistan and is about the Taliban. The cast will include major Indian and western actors.’’

Film-making apart, Mira is working on a project called ‘Maisha’, which includes training in screen-writing and direction for Indians, East Africans and the Indian diaspora. ‘‘Indians are exploding with talent but only few get to the top. We are trying to facilitate this process.’’

Far away from lights, camera and action, Mira spends time with son Zohran. “A football and cricket freak, he is a Sachin fan.’’ Be it movies or motherhood, she lives the life she wants. It takes Mira Nair to be in the director’s seat in the big picture that is life.