No Holi for the Bachchan family

Like last year, this year too the Bachchan family has decided to give Holi a miss. It is due to the death of a close family member of their politician friend Amar Singh and also due to the recent Pune blast that killed 17 innocents.

"We do not celebrate again this year. Primarily because of the death of a close relative of our family friend Amar Singhji, but also we do not feel comfortable in celebrating when our own have lost lives in the Pune blast recently," megastar Amitabh Bachchan posted on his blog Saturday night, from his Prateeksha residence.

Last year they skipped the festival as a mark of respect to the 26/11 terror attack victims and also did not celebrate Holi in 2008 due to Amitabh's mother Teji Bachchan's death.

Though Big B is not celebrating, he is not behind any other to wish his fans a happy Holi.

"My wishes and those of my family remain, however, with those that do bring in this festival, a festival that fills us with the joy of achievement and change and produce," Big B wrote.

"Happy Holi! And may the colours bright and beautiful ever remain with you in celebration. May it bring peace and calm and may it become the turning point for good tidings," he added.